‘Play and interplay’ workshop

‘Play and interplay’ workshop was a series of 14 concerts and conversations. The audience group of 25 people met the performers after each concert in conversations organized and moderated by Anu Vehviläinen. In ‘conversational piano concerts’ (see before) the possibility to discuss with a special audience group was limited. In ‘Play and Interplay’ workshop the group of 25 people became a close-knit team, which experienced an interesting musical tour during one fall. The 50 performers of 14 concerts represented different musical genres from western art music to jazz and folk music. The performers where vary willing to open up and share their thoughts on music making and artisthood. The length of the workshop (4 months) and the team spirit of the audience group allowed the participants to discuss in a deep and detailed level. All conversations were documented and were legible in the Sibelius-Academy website. See the report in Finnish or in English:

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